Drive Companion 2.0

Drive Companion 2.0 has been released. Better performance We improved the processing speed by capturing requests earlier on (even before the browser starts a new navigation event). Drive Companion groups all supported Google Docs together Popup We added a popup that appears when clicking on the icon of Drive Companion. New popup for extension You can choose to open the ‘portal’ for each type of supported document (Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides).

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New site

Welcome to the new site for Drive Companion, the ultimate desktop Drive experience made possible through Chrome extensions.

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How to pin Drive Companion to the taskbar

Currently, there is no automated way to create the appropriate taskbar item with corresponding icon that can be used to open Google Drive from a Companion taskbar icon. However, it is easy to create one manually. Execute the following steps to create a taskbar icon that can be used to open Google Drive in a popup and that will also be used when Drive Windows are opened through the Drive Companion extension.

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