Future plans

We have created this small site in order to facilitate the development and support of the Companion extensions for Google Drive. For now it will serve only as a news channel for these extensions.

You can read all about the Chrome Companion extensions for Google Drive in an earlier post.

Here are the download links:

Drive Companion

Drive companion recognizes and opens most common drive formats such as:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides

Get Drive Companion from Chrome Webstore

Docs Companion

The Docs Companion recognizes and opens Google Docs documents.

Get Docs Companion from Chrome Webstore

The Chrome extensions for Companions are still being worked on but features and roadmap depend on the usage of the extensions as well as the popularity.

Sheets and Slides Companions are incoming…

Feel free to add suggestions through the Chrome webstore.

How to add taskbar icons for the Companions

Currently, there is no automated way to create the appropriate taskbar icons that can be used to open Google Drive or Google Docs from a Companion taskbar icon.

However, it is easy to create one manually.

We will describe here how you can create a taskbar icon that can be used to open Google Drive in a popup and that will also be used when Drive Windows are opened through the Drive Companion extension.

Note: the same applies to the other Companions (Docs, Sheets, …)

  1. Open a Google Drive window in Chrome with the extension enabled
  2. When the popup is shown, you should see a new taskbar item with the Google Drive icon
  3. Right-click on it and select Pin to taskbar
    Screenshot 1
  4. Right-click on the taskbar icon and then right-click in the popup menu on Drive Companion
    Screenshot 2
  5. Click on Properties
  6. In the Target, you should see a text starting with -api:xxxx (long number)
    Screenshot 3
  7. Replace this -api:xxx text with the URL of the service, drive.google.com
    Screenshot 4
  8. You are done.

Introduction to Companion extensions

The Drive Companion extensions for Google Drive are a set of browser add-ons that bring Google Drive closer to the desktop.

It will help increase productivity by making Google Drive behave more like a first-class desktop citizen.

Open Google Drive files from the web and the desktop in dedicated, easy to find and directly accessible windows. Switch between files directly from the taskbar without having to search through numerous tabs in several browser windows.


Companion support for:

  • Google drive*
  • Google docs
  • Google sheets
  • Google slides

Make Google drive behave like a desktop application:

  • Open drive files from the Google drive web interface or directly from the desktop (works best with Google Backup and Sync)
  • Drive files open automatically in their own dedicated window
  • All drive files are grouped by their type and easily accessible from the taskbar or through the task switcher.

No compromises

  • As it is an extension it always uses the latest and greatest version of chrome and will always support the latest drive features
  • Offline editing is fully supported
  • Works well together with other drive extensions

What else?

  • It is only active when needed with a low memory/cpu footprint on your system as a result.
  • Free, fast and no strings attached.

Advantages over Wrapper solutions

Many if not all comparable solutions using wrappers (such as those developed using electron) suffer from the same shortcomings and limit the Google drive experience.

Offline editing is only possible with Chrome (and extension support) so none of these solutions will offer the best, most reliable experience. Not being able to continue editing a document after an internet service disruption could cause waste of valuable time and money.

Additionally these solutions wrap a version of chrome that is not up-to-date and that takes up a significant amount of space with little benefits or added value.

Some are not free.

We don’t believe in asking money for adding to an already great and free service so our companion extensions are and always will be free to use without strings attached.